Special Offer! Free autographed copy of "Ageless Beauty the French Way"

January 19, 2022

Special Offer! Free autographed copy of

We are so excited to see Clémence von Mueffling's glowing review of Perle de Caviar Bio-Marine Extract! Watch at (link)

Use this link for a special gift with purchase offer -- a free copy of her book Ageless Beauty the French Way -- the ultimate book of tips, products, practices, and French beauty secrets for hair, skin, makeup, sleep and perfume! A luxurious, entertaining, unparalleled guide to every French beauty secret for all women.

You'll learn the most effective ways to let our beauty shine through, including the ultimate secret to a glowing glamorous, natural face. Clémence shares both timeless and age-specific information in three categories - Jeunesse (age 20-35) Plénitude (ages 35-55) and Maturité (ages 55 and above).

Meet Clémence in this video link and find out why Bio-Marine Extract is a French Beauty Secret!

Clémence is the creator of Beauty and Well-Being (the online destination for all things beauty and well-being), author of Ageless Beauty the French Way, and The Beauty Report newsletter. Born and raised in Paris, Clémence is true beauty and cosmetics expert working for iconic brands such as Clarins, Puig, and Dior. Raised by two beauty editors for French Vogue, her mother and grandmother) Clémence believes in letting your beauty shine through at every age!