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A Return to Luxury

Ingrid Millet USA is the official distributor of the renowned Ingrid Millet Paris skin care line in the United States. Established in 1992, Ingrid Millet USA recognized the need for truly luxurious skin care for American women. Ingrid Millet's eponymous line, unveiled nearly half a century ago in France, has been embraced by sophisticates who’ve long adored the brand’s impeccable textures, refreshing scents, and instantaneous results. Ingrid Millet Laboratories understands that the recipe for classic beauty does not reside in today’s harsh scrubs or clinical tubes, but rather in daily pampering with Millet’s time-tested indulgences.

The Face of Ingrid Millet

One of Paris’s most sought-after aestheticians, Ingrid Millet initially earned her reputation as a progressive biochemist. Toiling away in her Paris laboratory, she pioneered the use of botanicals in skin care, which would later become the basis of her successful product line. Millet’s devotees were among the first to experience the benefits of marine extracts, and as early as 1964, she opened their eyes to the reparative properties of caviar, a radical discovery that revolutionized the skin care industry.

The Products

Unlike other prestige product lines, Ingrid Millet does not equate decadence with jars of needlessly heavy, weighty creams. Impeccably light in both texture and scent, all of Millet’s formulas efficiently penetrate the skin, while leaving complexions with that coveted post-facial glow — a visible reward for caring for one’s skin with intelligence. Millet’s quintet of skin specific programs or “mini-lines” — Perle de Caviar, AbsoluCaviar, Caviaressence, Source Pure, and Bio Elita — marries the technological advances of the 21st century with the classic remedies that have made her brand first in French skin care.

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