Facials at home

Keep your complexion glowing at home!
Our step-by-step guide for when you can't visit an aesthetician.
Start by bringing a relaxing spa vibe into your home with
candles, music and a comfy bathrobe.

We've included just a few of our highly recommended products
for those under 30 years old to maintain the skin's vitality....
and those over 30, to restore the comfort and youthfulness of your skin! 


Apply a generous amount of cleanser over the face, neck and decollete with a circular motion. Keep the touch light; more pressure doesn't make it work better. Focus on areas of oil and congestion. Rinse with lukewarm water or wipe off with a tissue.
For eye makeup, soak a cotton pad with the product then apply as a compress for several seconds onto the eyes that are closed. Slide gently downward to completely remove makeup. Ingrid Millet's eye makeup remover is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

Under 30 years old
Source Pure Démaquillant Délicat • Softening Cleansing Milk

Over 30 years old
Perle De Caviar Lacta Perle • Revitalizing Cleansing Milk

Eye makeup remover
Bio-Élita Fresh Cils • Express Eye Make-Up Remover


Using a facial sauna, your sink, or a bowl of hot water, do several two-minute steam sessions with a clean towel over your head. Keep your face a safe distance from the hot water. Steaming loosens dead skin cells and any remaining dirt or oil. Add your favorite ingredients to your steam, such as dried lavender and chamomile, or a little lemon juice.

Regularly exfoliating to remove dead skin cells and boost cellular renewal is important. Ingrid Millet's exfoliating cream offers instant softness and shine to all skin types, even sensitive.

• Exfoliation for all skin types 
Massage into clean and moistened skin, avoiding the eye are. Rinse.
• For a deeper exfoliation for dull complexion
Apply a thin layer to clean and dry skin, avoiding the eye area.
Let dry a few minutes, then scrub gently in a circular motion to exfoliate. Rinse.

Under or over 30 years old
Source Pure Doux Gommage • Exfoliating Velvet Cream


When exposed to pollution and stress skin becomes dehydrated and flushed, feels uncomfortable and loses its radiance. Ingrid Millet masks are concentrated treatments enriched with powerful active ingredients to detoxify, repair, and firm the skin. Each mask comes with instructions for application and removal.

Under 30 years old
Perle De Caviar Masque Boue Marine • Remineralising Seamud Mask

Over or under 30 years old
Source Pure Aromafleur • Hydro-Soothing Mask


Use a gentle toner on a cotton pad to swipe away any remaining traces of the mask and exfoliator. More than just toning lotions, Ingrid Millet toners are alcohol-free and rich in extracts that layer your skin in a moisturizing veil. They perfectly prepares the skin to receive daily products.

Under 30 years old
Source Pure Lotion Délicate • Softening Lotion

Over 30 years old
Perle De Caviar Aqua Perle • Revitalizing Toner


Apply a few drops of serum on the face, neck and décolleté with smoothing, circular movements or tapping gently. Ingrid Millet serums are intense treatments designed to slow down the process of skin aging, providing the skin with the elements that are necessary to maintain its youthfulness, firmness, and radiance. Serums designed for more mature skin reduce the appearance of wrinkles, firming and smoothing.

Under and over 30 years old
Source Pure Sérum Magnolys • Hydra-Youth Serum

Over 30 years old
Caviaressence • Relaxing Anti-Wrinkle Serum 


Lightly smooth your eye gel or cream under your brow bone and under your eyes, including the inner area by your nose. Ingrid Millet has a variety of eye products that lift, rejuvenate, treat wrinkles and dark circles, and sooth tired looking eyes.

Under 30 years old
Source Pure Gel Yeux • Triple Action Eye Gel

Over 30 years old
AbsoluCaviar • Ultra Lift Eye Gel

To complete your facial, give yourself a calming facial massage with your fingertips using one of Ingrid Millet's velvety moisturizers. Begin at the chin and gently stroke outwards, moving in an upward, outward circular motion. The upward motion will help to lift up the skin and firming it. Don't forget your neck and décolleté.

Under 30 years old
Source Pure Aromafleur • Hydro-Soothing Cream

Over 30 years old
Caviaressence • Relaxing Anti-Wrinkle Cream