Ingrid Millet Caviar Skincare

A Pioneer in Caviar Skincare for more Than 50 Years

In 1972, after being the first to discover the potential of caviar, Ingrid Millet turned it into her star ingredient. Ultra-revitalizing caviar, incorporated into The Caviar Complex, is, to this day, used in the brand’s most prestigious product lines to benefit from its unparalleled anti-aging power. The Caviar Complex is used in conjunction with a variety of complementary technical ingredients for boosted effectiveness.

The ultimate symbol of luxury, caviar provides a comprehensive cellular menu with its exceptional composition of essential nutrients in perfect affinity with the skin.




20 Times Richer Than Skin Cells

Caviar contains the same vital substances as the skin, but in greater quantities. Caviar complex, a concentrate of pure energy that is 20 times richer than skin cells, contains all the resources essential to youthful skin: precious trace elements, moisture-trapping minerals, proteins and essential fatty acids.